Over the past years, we have built strong relationships with our business associates and clients. The high values that we follow; made us recognised as a leading pharmaceutical company with an excellent presence in Africa & CIS countries. With our commitment to offer affordable and innovative health care for all, we are one of the trusted brand for Pharmaceutical and surgical products. Soon we have plans to expand our wings in South East Asia, South & Central America.

Since the year of establishment, we have grown bigger. Our endeavours to be a leading pharmaceutical company is our passion too, which we breath at BioMatrix. Some of our core strengths are:

An Experienced Marketing Team

Our team is our backbone. We call our Marketing Team, our Army, which is young, well knowledged and with a never say die attitude. The team has extensive knowledge of the markets being worked upon and they work with focus, commitment and integrity. They always engage themselves in learning new skills, grabbing latest technology and expanding further and fulfilling the product requirements across the globe.

Our Commitment for Quality Products

We are pledged to make quality products at affordable prices. Being into healthcare industry, we truly understand that pharmaceutical products save and render new life to ailing human being; thus we take extra care during the manufacturing process to make sure; we offer world class healthcare solution. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance team consists of highly qualified, experienced and focussed people who make sure that our products are of the highest quality standards. They make sure that our products pass all the requirements as necessitated by the drug authorities in various countries.

Government Approved Export House

We are Government Approved Export House and a WHO-GMP certified unit. We cater to a wide range of customers in Africa and CIS countries and soon we have plans to expand our wings in South East Asia, South & Central America & Caribbean islands. To cater to the regulatory requirements of International Regulatory Authorities, we have an expert Regulatory Team. The Regulatory team consists of highly qualified, agile individuals who have hands on experience in filing dossiers, documentations and handling other regulatory requirements.

Smooth Logistics

Logistics; is one of the most important requirements in the Healthcare industry. Logistics plays an important role in wide spread distribution of medicines and requires time bound deliveries around the globe. Being a company having operations in many countries, we need to handle import and export shipments with time bound efficiency, for which have a qualified team of Logistic professionals with wide experience of handling shipments by sea and air destined for different countries across the globe.