BioMatrix Healthcare is always committed to follow the best practices of environment friendly production process. Quality comes on the top of our core values and we follow our values religiously. We are committed to offer health care and pharmacy products of best quality at the most affordable prices. To follow the same, we invest in latest technology and machineries in our manufacturing. As a key leader in Pharmaceutical Industry, we invest our time in research and development to identify places which need improvement and developing new initiatives to make manufacturing process smoother, faster and better.

We are 100% quality oriented company with focus to supporting life worldwide.

Our manufacturing unit and processes are inspected and approved by top governing authorities. We are Government Approved Export House with operations in many countries. We are a WHO-GMP certified company; which is the most desirable certification for all pharmaceutical companies. We follow WHO-GMP guidelines and strictly adhere to highest manufacturing and quality standards. All the products that we manufacture, i.e. Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Injections & Surgical products pass through multiple quality check filters before they get packed and delivered.

BioMatrix truly understands its responsibility that is to support life worldwide, with quality healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

Export House Valid 2020
WHO-GMP Beta Lactum
WHO-GMP General